A CARE home has been told it still has much to improve on after its latest inspection.

Little Oaks, in Braxted Road, Little Braxted has been told it must continue to improve in its leadership and responsiveness after making strides in safety, effectiveness and care.

The care home was visited by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) this summer, just over a year after its last inspection in May 2018.

As in its previous inspection, the 14-bed care home was told it “requires improvement”.

The inspector’s report said: “Staff were kind and caring and knew people well.

“People felt listened to and included in decisions about their care and support.

“Staff treated people with dignity and respect and maintained their privacy.

“People were encouraged to be independent and were supported to maintain important relationships.”

The inspector found staff were very aware of the wants, needs and routines of their residents, and they “provided care and support the way they wanted”.

But despite Little Oaks making some big improvements upon its last inspection, the healthcare watchdog had two recommendations for the care home.

The inspector said: “We made a recommendation that the provider review their approach to planning and assessing of people’s needs.

“There were limited opportunities for people to engage in group or individual social and leisure activities in or outside of the service.

“We made a recommendation that the provider consider best practice guidance in relation to social and leisure interests for people who used the service.”

Social needs of the residents was an issue the inspector raised.was quickly aware of.

Speaking to the inspector, one resident said: “I do join in some things but the TV is always on and I get bored so keep my brain active with crosswords and reading.”

Another added: “The staff do not have time to read to me, so I would not ask them to, but I would like it.”

This was an issue the family members of the residents had also picked up on.

One family member said: “I do not feel there is much stimulation here.

“The television is on a lot, people just sit there and do not move about much.

“My relative has never been on any outings.

“You see activities on paper, but they don’t always happen.”

Despite some issues being highlighted, the care home is continuing to make improvements.

Residents do feel cared for at the home and the inspector said they “were treated in a compassionate way and their individuality was respected.”But one resident told inspectors: “The staff here are lovely, always ready to help you.

“I cannot speak enough of the care I receive here, it is just wonderful.”