A couple have appealed the council’s decision to turn down plans for the construction of a two-storey house in Purleigh for the third time.

Mr and Mrs Stokes originally applied for a four to five-bedroom dwelling in the village of Cock Clarks, Essex, in 2016.

Maldon Council refused the application due to the impact the dwelling could have on the ‘street scene’.

They were also concerned about the the building blocking natural light from a neighbouring cottage.

The couple adapted their plans to stick to the regulations of a two-storey home by removing the roof bedroom and reducing the height of the property.

Despite sticking to the settlement boundary, they were refused a second time as the council claimed it would still affect the rural nature of the area.

After speaking to a planning officer, they were advised that if they repositioned the house further back on the plot it would likely be accepted.

Again, they submitted new plans but were left disappointed when they were refused for a third time for the same reason.

Objector Martyn Reed said: “The narrow lane has poor and unsafe vehicular access, particularly with the extra traffic from the new brewery.

“Sustainability is always an issue to be considered, as stated within council policy, the hamlet does not benefit from main sewerage.”

The council now claim that there is “a need for a higher proportion of one and two-bedroom units” and the development would make a “minimal contribution” to the area’s housing needs.

Mr and Mrs Jones, who also objected, said: “The new dwelling will look completely out of place being squeezed into what is in effect the current back garden of Syringa Cottage.

“There are currently no other two storey buildings in Chimney Lane or in the immediate vicinity of Birchwood Road.

“This property will look out of place being taller than all of the surrounding buildings.”

The couple submitted a detailed appeal on August 19 to the Secretary of State and will now await a decision.