An environmental team have pulled together to save cows from poisonous weeds in Danbury.

UK Power Networks’ environment team volunteered for a day to help pull out ragwort on an Essex Wildlife Trust (EWT) nature reserve.

Ragwort is extremely poisonous to cattle and should be removed from fields that hold cattle or used to provide fodder.

The team worked hard alongside Essex Wildlife Trust to rid Pheasant House Farm Nature Reserve of the poisonous plants.

They managed to remove masses of ragwort that was taken in bags to dry out and then be burnt.

Environment advisor Heather Patrick said: “Our team members work at different offices and rely heavily on telephones and web conferencing for meetings.

“Working together outside really was a ‘breath of fresh air’.

“It was very satisfying to see a big heap of ragwort at the end of the field.”

Ruth Angrave, Landscape Conservation Area Officer North-West at EWT said: “We are really grateful to the team for all their hard work.

“There is so much ragwort to burn that we have had one fire, but that hasn’t done it, still more to do!”