Children at St. Luke’s primary school took off their shoes for charity on the last day of the academic year.

The Tiptree school children left their old shoes on the tables to donate to the Shoe Aid UK charity.

The charity collects shoes and redistribute them to other school children in need with ill- fitting and worn out shoes.

Overall, the school filled a wheelie bin full of 150 pairs of donated footwear that will help families in financial difficulty.

A group of pupils decided to walk out onto the playground without any shoes at the end of the day to empathise with children who do not have shoes of their own.

Figures from Shoe Aid claim that 70 million children are unable to access suitable education because shoes are required as part of the school uniform.

A further 2 million shoes are thrown into landfill every week, and one pair of shoes takes 100 years to bio-degrade.

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