Maldon District Council held a meeting this week to discuss adopting several Heybridge and Southminster historical sites.

The council plan to adopt assets that are not historical enough to meet the criteria for National Listing but still hold local historical significance.

The sites listed, although not protected by law, will be added to a Local Heritage Assets List and taken into special consideration when proposed building or planning permission is sought.

Southminster Police Station, Southminster Railway Station, and Southminster’s’ former Parish Room were heavily supported by Councillors to be added to the list.

Other buildings proposed to be adopted include the Springfield Cottages in Heybridge, Heybridge Cemetery Chapel, the King’s Head pub in Southminster, and Southminster Memorial Hall.

One supporter of the Local List said: “Please keep the Southminster character as it is and save these fine buildings by any means possible, including placing them on the Heritage Asset List.”

Another supporter, Christopher Newbury, said: “Southminster Police Station must be protected in every possible way.”

“The stripping out of the courthouse to make way for a library was an unforgivable act.

“Anybody who entered that room could see that this was a courthouse fitted out with fixtures of the highest quality.”

“I have often looked around this building in recent years and the quality of build and materials is still very much evident.

“Virtually every soft red brick is still perfect and the original pointing also shows no sign of its age.”

Individual lists are being drafted for each parish by the Council’s Conservation Officer, with assistance from local historians.

Mr Newbury added: “Whilst I don’t think we will ever reverse what has already been done, we can and must do what we can to preserve what remains of Southminster’s history.”

Mr and Mrs R. T. Loft, who also support the inclusion of the Police Station, said: “It has been part of Southminster for many years.

“It should not be allowed to be overlooked and fall even further into disrepair.”