A POPULAR festival hasbenefited from a new community fund.

The Maldon Festival runs for a fortnight in mid-summer. It aims to involve the community in staging, performing and attending musical performances and art exhibitions.

As a community event, it was a pilot project for a new community fund scheme from security firm Burg-Wächter.

It attracted £500 to support the publicity and staging of the event plus a festival security kit of products which enabled organisers to secure venues and manage cash throughout the event.

The Secure Communities Scheme will be launched across East Anglia from September and is seeking new projects to support.

A fund of £1,000 a month is available and awards will be made based on the potential for positive local impact.

Mark Pearson from Burg- Wächter said: “We are known for our safes and post-boxes alongside our extensive range of locking products.

“The Maldon Festival provided the perfect pilot scheme, proving the idea worked and the award can make a significant different to the cause being supported.”

Visit www.burgbiz/uk to find out more about the scheme.