The first letter in last week’s Standard on an eco-friendly society in Maldon was followed by five letters from whingeing Remainers, complaining, often illogically, about local MPs Priti Patel, John Whittingdale and the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

One of the first things these writers should note is that austerity was essential during the first period of the Conservatives’ term in office, due to the terrible state of our economy, because of the hopeless mismanagement by the outgoing Labour Party.

Hence the necessity to cut back on the police force which had become incredibly top-heavy under Labour.

Gordon Brown is now offering advice on how to prevent a no deal!

Unfortunately the tight fisted hold on the economy by the covert Remainer, Philip Hammond, who took over from George Osborne as Chancellor of the Exchequer under Theresa May, has allowed Britain to slide into a hopelessly underfunded public service.

Mr Johnson, apart from being a staunch Brexiteer, has seen the need to right so many of the wrongs inflicted on services by this same minister of finance who even Mrs May was at loggerheads with before she retired.

Jon Haworth complains of John Whittingdale, always a staunch Brexiteer, voting against Theresa May’s deal.

He appears to forget the large majority voting against the deal on all three occasions, were Remainers, Labour Party members and members of that horribly undemocratic party which have the cheek to call themselves Liberal “Democrats” - Sir Vince Cable had the audacity to refer to the “Brexit vote” as an “erotic spasm”, in his conference speech in 2018.

All the Remainers from this region would do well to remember that people here voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU and most of them, if not all knew what they were doing, despite arrogant Remainers saying they voted blindly.

Unfortunately we never into took into account that the undemocratic Remainers would do all in their power to prevent Brexit.

Perhaps, Mr Pratt, instead of fiddling with unhelpful population figures, you should look at the official results of the vote.

It was one of the highest turn outs of voters on record (72.21 per cent), and the official result was Leave 51.89 per cent against 48.11 per cent, a majority of almost 4 per cent.

The harm that is being done to our country and the present economy can be laid squarely on the shoulders of these Remainers who, refusing to accept the results of the vote, are determined to thwart the rule of democracy.

Leonie Cullen

Wantz Road, Maldon