AN autistic teenager whose grades were below average in Year 7 has defied the odds by securing his place at university.

Taylor Davis, 18, struggled with academia throughout the early stages of his life.

Up until Year 11 he was in the lower sets for subjects such as maths, English and science and there was a fear he would not reach his goals.

However, an inspirational Taylor, from Burnham, has confirmed his place at first choice Chichester University, after getting an A in maths, a D in physics and a pass in engineering.

He will go on to study maths.

Taylor said: “I’m very happy with my results. I was a bit afraid I would not get there with physics – I thought it would let me down.”

Paul Healy, head of school and Taylor’s maths teacher, said: “When Taylor came over to Ormiston Rivers he was in the lower sets for maths.

“In Year 10 he was still in the lower sets, then in Year 11 he moved up.

“He was in the bottom bracket in primary school and in the lower sets in his early stages here.

“With the challenges he has, it is incredible he has got his spot at university.”

Taylor decided to go to university last September when the rest of his fellow pupils begun work on their university applications.

He said: “I started second year and just thought I have no ambitions at the moment as far as a career, so what am I good at?

“I’m good at maths at school, so I thought I should just do more maths at school.”

When he opened his results Taylor was embraced by mum Annette, who told him he was an “inspiration”.

Taylor is now looking forward to the next stage in his life at Chichester.

Although he is moving away from home and his life is set to change, he is ready for whatever happens,

Taylor added: “I’m happy with my progress but I mostly just take things as they come.

“It will be interesting to see what life will be like moving to university.

“There might be some complications, but you should always expect that.

“If you don’t expect complications to arise from big changes, then you’re a bit daft I think.”