A district councillor has denied breaching a non-molestation order this morning.

Heybridge West councillor Chrisy Morris appeared at Chelmsford Crown Court today, where he was charged with breaching a non-molestation order.

The order barred Morris from visiting an address or interacting with a woman who lived at the address in Witham.

Judge Patricia Lynch read the single charge, asking if Morris pleaded guilty or not guilty.

He replied: "Most definitely not guilty."

The order has come after he is accused of visiting the address on July 21 this year.

The non-molestation order has been in place since September 2018.

Morris appeared confident in the dock while his defence counsel, Justin Hugheston-Roberts addressed the court.

He said: "The defendant expresses total denial and had absolutely no knowledge of the order from the family court.

"While he may have been in the area at the time, he did not intend to visit the address."

Morris was elected as a district councillor in the May elections.

The non-aligned councillor received 283 votes on election night, confirming his place on the council alongside fellow Heybridge West independent, Michael Edwards.

Morris was a part of a large group of new independent councillors who came close to beating the conservatives to a majority at Maldon District Council.

He also represents Heybridge Parish Council as a west ward councillor.

He is set to appear at court again in February 2020.

Addressing Morris, Judge Lynch said: "I'm sorry this hearing had to be so short and sweet, the reason for that is all the systems are down.

"We will set the case down for a two day hearing."

Morris has been released on bail until he appears at court again.

As part of his bail conditions, he must not visit the address in Witham again, which he promised he had no intention of doing.

The Standard approached Maldon District Council for comment regarding the hearing, however the council respectfully declined to comment.