CHILDREN enjoyed a day of playing out on the street organised by a group of families in Mayland.

The group closed a road for two hours to encourage children to play on their front doorsteps.

It was the first event in Maldon organised by the Community Voluntary Service and the Maldon Family Hub group as part of a nationwide scheme.

Wellbeing co-ordinator Darya Varasteh said: “It is important to encourage children to play out in a safe environment close to their home and learning social skills by independent play time, as well as contributing to their physical activity levels.

“It is also creating neighbourhood friendliness and security by knowing who lives on your street.”

The event included activities for children and older neighbours even took advantage of the road closure to pop their heads out and reminisce about the days they spent playing out.

Darya added: “It was a beautiful day and a great experience for the children, parents and some friendly neighbours who could reminisce about their times.”

The scheme aims to encourage people to go outside and be active with their neighbours.

A second outdoor street event is being planned for Maldon in the October half term.

Residents can also arrange their own ‘playing out’ events for their road.

For more information about organising an event call 01621 851891.