Maldon District Council has now formally announced its plans to move from its current site in Princes Road Maldon to an undisclosed new location as reported in last week’s Standard.

Apart from the leader kindly giving us this morsel of information, on every other aspect of this significant event which will have some effect on us all, there is no detail whatsoever.

Apparently that’s because the project is at the initiation stage, and as and when more information becomes available the council leader Mr Fluker will keep us all informed.

One can only assume, this new venture will depend on how much money the council will get for the site it occupies at the moment.

Now presuming it will be for much-needed housing, I would suggest the site’s worth will equate to how many houses the developer will be allowed to cram on it.

There are no easy solutions when new housing is so desperately needed, but by good fortune this happens to be a brownfield site and is an ideal location for affordable housing, as I assume the new tenants could live there without the necessity of a car being so conveniently close to shops, schools and the doctors - in fact the location is perfect for a car-free environment as the current access to the site is poor and not suited for any more increase in traffic.

Now there’s a first, a car-free housing development if the council is sincere about reducing emissions.

Mr Fluker was quoted as saying he expects all our customers to support us, well before he gets that, some assurances will have to be made - such as: it is a well-planned site, blends in with the surrounding area, the houses won’t be sold off to the highest bidder from some outside housing association who will then ship all their respective tenants down here so local people will lose out again for affordable housing, as I suggest has happened on the other new developments currently being constructed in the area; then yes, Mr Fluker, I think you can depend on our support as lack of drainage shouldn’t be an issue there as he wouldn’t want it refused on an issue like flood prevention as the Heybridge development is currently held up on.

Robbie Green

Fambridge Road, Maldon