The group behind the collapsed campaign to reinstate Maldon Promenade Park's swimming lake was not "practical", say Maldon District Council.

Last Friday, 'Reinstate Maldon Swim Lake' announced it had to abandon its campaign to reinstate the swimming lake at Promenade Park.

The Prom Lake Campaign Committee claimed that Maldon District Council did not support the campaign on financial grounds.

In a statement, Marie Ellis who launched the campaign, said: "The council is in budget deficit and would only consider this campaign if they see a profit in it for them.

"It has also refused to take any responsibility for the duty of care that would be placed on them for running the lake.

"We cannot ask any management company to run the lake if there is no profit in it for them, which there will not be if laying out the initial cost of conversion."

After the group's announcement to end its campaign, Maldon District Council welcomed the decision, stating it was "neither practical or affordable".

The council also responded to the committee's claims.

Service delivery director, Richard Holmes said: “It is neither practical or affordable to reinstate the Promenade lake for swimming purposes taking into account of the necessary duty of care this council has to meet.

“This matter is not connected to any ‘budget deficit’.

“The council is pleased that the swimming lake campaigners have finally reached the sensible conclusion that their aspiration was not realistic.”