A CARAVAN park is bidding to open its gates all year round, despite concerns from a town council.

Sea End Caravan Park, in Belvedere Road, Burnham, wants to change its opening times from March to November to 12 months a year.

The application is set to be considered by Maldon District Council next Monday.

Planning officer Anna Tatstsoglou has recommended the council approve the application.

Investigations carried out through the winter last year found opening all year round would not have a “detrimental” effect on the park’s wildlife and protected species, or on the character of the area.

Miss Tatstsoglou said: “Having taken all material planning considerations into account, it is found that the development would be acceptable in principle and it would not have a detrimental impact on the character of the area or the amenities of the neighbouring occupiers.

“The proposal would not adversely affect highway safety or increase flood risk.

“Furthermore, given that sufficient information has been submitted to demonstrate that the development would not be harmful to the sensitive nature conservation designations and the protected species, the previously raised objection has been overcome.”

However, Burnham Town Council said the move would not comply with the Neighbourhood Plan and will have an adverse effect on tourism.

The council also said it could result in people living permanently at the site and would set an unacceptable precedent in Burnham.”

The caravan park’s agent says the issue of permanent occupation has been dealt with and the proposal includes “appropriate mitigation measures”.

He added: “The park is endeavouring to meet the demand for use in winter, including the popular Christmas and the New Year holiday period which is reflective of the changes in market conditions experienced over recent years.

“The extension of season will help ensure the park and other businesses supported by visitor spending can maintain or improve staffing and make a beneficial contribution to the local economy throughout the year.”

A decision on the application will be made on Monday.