ESSEX’S first ever show about spiders and other creepy-crawlies is coming to South Woodham Ferrers this week.

The Essex Arachnid and Invertebrate Show is on Saturday, August 10 from 11am to 4pm at Champions Manor Hall.

Spider fans and even those who do not like the eight-legged creatures can learn all about various arachnids, insects and other invertebrates.

Special guests include entomologist Helen Stuart, trader Martin Goss and Britain Kitten who will be running phobia workshops for people who want to get over their fear of spiders.

There will also be opportunities to buy animals from traders and a special appearance from Spider-Man himself who will show off his super acrobatics.

The event has been created by South Woodham Ferrers spider fan Danni Lindsell who has spent more than a year planning the event.

Danni, 27, started her hobby a few years ago despite a phobia of arachnids.

She said: “I had an absolute fear of spiders before but tarantulas were interesting to me.

“With all the vibrant colours they come in, the way they eat, the way they hunt, their different webbing techniques, I found them really fascinating.”

She started with two tarantulas two years ago and now has 64 at her home and intends to expand her collection.

She said: “I’m part of the British Tarantula Society and I love to go to their shows, but they are usually so far away.

“The nearest one to me is in Ashford in Kent so I decided to create one here because there isn’t one in Essex.”

Danni owns a variety of tarantulas including the Goliath bird-eater and her six-year old daughter has begun her own creature collection with two African land snails.

Danni said: “My daughter has learnt so many of the scientific Latin names for these animals which is impressive for her age.

“If parent want to get a first pet for their child, these are great options.

“Kids can come to the show and learn about stick insects, millipedes, mantises and more.

“Here, they can learn about all the bugs in their back garden and understand how to take care of them.

Entry is £4 for adults, £2 for under-16s and under-fours go free.

For details, search for the show name on Facebook.