Many local drivers will be aware of the Wantz Road “chicane” - just look at social media.

In recent days another resident suffered damage to his car parked outside his house.

The culprit was a very large truck, well over the weight limit (frequently ignored) and of great length.

The driver managed to hit the car and shunt it along several yards, causing considerable damage and depositing it across our shared drive.

Despite our shouting and waving of arms, he proceeded up Wantz Road without stopping. I had managed to get the company name and registration and the vehicle was later tracked and apprehended. Good work Essex Police!

I have two questions for Essex County Highways: Why are heavy trucks coming through Wantz Road?

Why is the mantra that “chicane parking creates traffic calming” still being chanted by highways engineers?

Try spending time in our sitting room at busy times, especially when irate drivers loudly make their opinions known.

A damaged car, with no injury to life or limb, is not a great drama, merely another symptom of the badly designed parking scheme which leaves choice of parking spot entirely in the hands of residents or their visitors in zone three...there are no bays or marked out areas, except double yellow lines at the junctions.

In some cases bad driving is to blame, but from conversations with most residents in this part of Wantz Road it seems that more road markings would certainly help to make it a safer place to drive through and live in.

I hope changes can be made before a more serious incident occurs.

Elizabeth Willsher

Wantz Road, Maldon