ORGANISERS are gearing up for a spectacular event which will see 100 London cabs journey from London to Maldon.

The 2019 East London Cabbies Outing takes place on Wednesday and a quarter-mile long convoy of brightly decorated taxis will carry disabled and disadvantaged children, accompanied by carers and parents, from east London homes and schools to Maldon for a fun day at Plume Academy and Promenade Park.

The celebration has been organised by East London Cabbies Outing and the David Randall Foundation.

The parade will leave east London in the morning to arrive in the town by lunchtime.

The route through the town will be decorated and lined with crowds to give the taxis and their passengers a rousing welcome.

At the Plume Academy, staff and students serve the cabbies and their guests a two-course meal accompanied by live music.

Then it’s a quick ride to Promenade Park where an afternoon of fun and entertainment awaits the children before they return home.

Pat Thompson, 58, has been on the East London Cabbies Outing run for the last five years.

He said: “Last year, I drove a severely disabled young lad and his mum, helping them to store away some happy memories while the family dealt with his dad’s cancer treatment.

“It puts what most people call a bad day in perspective when you’re helping people like this.”

Pat and wife Christine moved to Maldon two years ago after Pat got to know the town – and how to get there – by driving for the outing.

He added: “The happiness of our young passengers is a reward that money can’t buy, but the amazing welcome we get in Maldon is the icing on the cake.

“The town is completely decorated for the day, the roads lined with waving, smiling schoolchildren and Maldon people.

“It’s just unforgettable.”