AN author has taken a step into film-making as she turns her books into screenplays for the big screen.

Donna Siggers, from Southminster, was only able to write for ten minutes at a time after being assaulted in 2014.

Now, after winning an Author Academy award and publishing two books – Broken and Betrayal – she will now be combining therm in a film called Raven.

Donna said: “Having spent the past 12 months researching the film industry alongside my writing, I know in my heart it’s the direction I want to step.

“My crime novels, Broken and Betrayal feature psychopath Carl Ashbeck and I will be bringing him to life along with the other characters, in the cinematic sense.

“The case name within these novels is Raven and that will be the title of the film. Presently the case hasn’t climaxed and that happens in the third book – Bound – which will be published later this year.”

The project is in its early stages of development and has already attracted attention on social media.

Donna added: “Many aspects of the story hold truth.

“Despite having written my debut novel at a time of rebuilding my memory after my head injury, it is remarkably startling how much of me and my life emerge from its pages.

“I’ve continued this theme throughout Betrayal. Some of the scenes in the second novel were extremely difficult to write because of my own personal experiences, which will ensure an emotionally-charged transfer on to screen.

“That said, the story-line of Ashbeck and his victims remain fictitious – as does the conspiracy I’ve created that adds to this twisted tale.

“Creatively speaking the team behind Raven is being kept small for now but that will change once the script has been finalised.

“I am writing the screenplay and working very closely with Ray Coates who is creating the movie soundtrack.

“We are finding that our unusual approach to this process is bringing out better versions of our creativity and want to tap into that process further.”

She is currently constructing the website to her production company Phoenix Rising Film Production.

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