Last year I thought the problem of the boy racers was finally reducing but now they seem to be on the rise again.

My wife and I live in Heybridge and we are again having to put up with very loud speeding cars in our road including late night speed trials being conducted on the surrounding road circuit.

This together with the deafening noise being experienced by altered engines and exhausts is just not acceptable.

This kind of antisocial behaviour seems to be a Maldon phenomenon.

I have lived in several places around the country and I have never experienced antisocial behaviour at this level before.

Nobody seems to have the real political will to tackle this problem.

Our MP, local politicians and the police just pass the problem between each other and usually end up falling back on the old excuse of "lack of funding". Where there is a will there is a way.

Politicians of all colours and levels should take a note of what is happening nationally at the moment.

If you don't carry through intentions and act on what the electorate want and request, you will not be re-elected.

If antisocial behaviour at this level is ignored, it is a clear message to others that any behaviour is acceptable without consequence, including open drug dealing to children in our parks for example, which seems to be common now.

David Clarke