A CULTURE centre hosted a workshop which delved into local artisan history.

The Maeldune Heritage Centre provided a candle rolling class over four days during Local History Week.

The classes were run by Jean and David Smye, producers of original Maldon Honey.

A centre spokesman said: “It was no coincidence this activity took place very close to the site of a candle workshop on Market Hill in the 17th and 18th Century - we were recreating Maldon’s history.

“Edward Bright, known as the ‘Fat Man of Maldon’, was a tallow chandler.

Maldon Town Council now stands on part of the site that was the candle workshop for four generations of the Bright family.

“In the 17th Century, animal-based tallow was used to make candles, which when burned had a smoky flame and a foul, acrid odour.

“Beeswax candles - which were affordable only by the very wealthy - burn with a bright light and have a pleasant sweet smell.

“To produce one pound of wax, a bee colony consumes approximately six to eight pounds of honey.”