THE tale of life after the big screen is coming to a stage in Latchingdon this month.

Between June 26 and 29 The Latchingdon Arts and Drama Society (LADS) will be performing Waiting in the Wings, the story of a feud between a pair of retired actresses who live together in a retirement home.

The play was written by Noël Coward and is being staged at the Tractor Shed in Cold Norton Road.

Speaking about the upcoming production, a drama society spokesman said: “The play focuses on a feud between residents, Lotta Bainbridge and May Davenport played by Lads stalwart, Gill Bridle and newcomer Sharyn Hughes, who once both loved the same man.

“Together with Mousey Maud, bountiful Bonita, sharp-tongued Cora, played by Judi Embling, and a whole host of other wonderful characters, the play follows the fortunes of a diverse set of ladies as they move into their old age and try to get along with each other. Old passions, friendships, loyalties and intrigue abound in this lovely slice of Thespian life.”

Final rehearsals are underway for the production, which will be directed by Lads member, Alan Chandler-Elkins.

Although the group is set for its latest production at the end of this month, plans are already in place for their next show.

Lads will be performing the thriller Rope at the end of August.

Director of the next production Cathy Hallam said: “I have the pleasure of directing the classic thriller Rope, written by Patrick Hamilton, and made famous by Alfred Hitchcock. It is a dark thriller and we have some great performances which I promise will have you wondering whether they will get away with it or not.

“As usual a great set has been put together in keeping with the time the play is set. Please come and support your local theatre, we promise you won’t be disappointed.”

For tickets at the next show in June, call 01621 856503.