The MP for Tiptree heard from residents about its proposed neighbourhood plan.

Priti Patel paid a visit to the Tiptree Community Centre in Claxton Close for the beginning of the village's housing plan consultation.

The MP viewed the plans, which have just been revealed and discussed with residents alongside Tiptree councillor, Barbara Wood.

Ms Patel said: "I was delighted to see the exhibition and view the Neighbourhood Plan proposals for Tiptree at the start of the consultation process.

"Communities should be empowered in the planning process and Neighbourhood Plans provide an opportunity for them to do so.

"I would strongly encourage residents and businesses in Tiptree to engage in this process, take part in the consultation and help shape decision making.

“Local communities throughout this part of Essex face the terrible situation where speculative developers are proposal huge developments in inappropriate places and trying to force their plans through.

"This is putting pressures on our infrastructure and public services.

"Neighbourhood Plans can offer some protections by giving local communities the chance to shape and steer development in their area.”