A FOODIE who has produced some of the country’s favourite culinary programmes expects to see her own venture flourish.

Eleanor Taylor founded the sell-out Maldon Oyster and Seafood Festival at Promenade Park last year.

She invited the community to taste the best seafood the Dengie had to offer from producers throughout the district.

Having 15 years of experience on shows including The Great British Bake Off and The Hairy Bikers and working with Nigella Lawson, she used her talent to the fullest extent.

She said: “It is a new industry for me but it is like putting on a TV show at the same time.

“I have worked on Bake Off and we are doing some similar things, with that show you are setting up an event, like this festival.”

In the past five years food festivals have become more popular across the country.

Research from Eventbrite, ticket providers for the festival found the number of boutique and micro-festivals have risen by 400 per cent over the past four years.

Joel Crouch, Vice President for Eventbrite Europe, said: "It’s striking how many event creators are using the ‘festival’ forum to celebrate their hobbies and passion projects.

"With many starting as small gatherings, we are now seeing events grow year after year and turn into actual festivals themselves.

"The rise in local gin and beer festivals is one of the notable trends here."

Ms Taylor hopes her event will continue to grow.

Last year her one-day event welcomed 500 people, yet on social media the festival amassed a following of 30,000.

Eleanor added: “It has always been my plan to grow the festival year on year, with the end goal of it becoming a major festival throughout the whole weekend with VIP areas.

“Of course I am not planning to grow it that quickly, but that is definitely what I hope it will be.”

Ms Taylor has since been given the endearing title of the ‘Oyster Lady’, a title she takes great pride in.

She added: “It is nice to have that title, I feel a big part of the community and the seafood industries in the Maldon District seem to really like the fact their produce is being recognised and given a platform.”

Ahead of this year’s event, the ticket price has been slashed, dropping from £15 to £5.

The higher price and smaller capacity for last year’s festival was due to the fact Ms Taylor only had five weeks organise the whole event.

She said: “I did not want to have too many people and not have the infrastructure to handle it.

“It was the right decision and I did learn a lot about running a festival from it.”

Ms Taylor has learned many lessons from last year and she hopes this year the event can continue to grow.

She added: “I think I’m learning all the time.

“I’m expecting to learn every year, I have taken feedback from our vendors who are all coming back this year.

“The council and I went in for a feedback meeting too and they were very happy everything and what I have planned for the next event.”

The Maldon Oyster and Seafood Festival 2019 will take place on Sunday, September 8 at the amphitheatre in Promenade Park.

There will be a range of bars, live music and DJs, dogs are welcome on leads, and under-16s enter free with paying adults.

To buy tickets, search for The Maldon Oyster and Seafood Festival on Eventbrite by clicking