AN IMPORTANT talk on climate change will take place next week.

The talk at Plume Academy in Maldon will be on Friday, June 14 form 6.30pm to 8.30pm and is titled Climate Change – The Last Straw.

The free public meeting will be chaired by Maldon MP John Whittingdale.

Organised by Year 8 pupil Hattie Phillips (pictured) and WI climate ambassador Jill Bruce, it promises to offer visitors and eye-opening look into environmental issues with several speakers tackling difficult questions.

A spokesman said: “Hattie Phillips will speak for her generation, the students who will have to cope with climate change throughout their lives.

“Head of climate change at WWF Gareth Redmond-King will speak on the effects climate change has already had on our world, and what further effects we can expect to see in our lifetimes.

“River catchment co-ordinator at Essex Wildlife Trust, Darren Tansley, will describe how rewilding Essex could help us cope with some of the effects of climate change. Professor Sam Fankhuaser, a founder member of the committee on climate change, will speak on how we could reduce our emissions to zero.

“John Whittingdale MP will tell us how the Government will tackle this huge issue.”

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