The organisers of the East London Cabbie’s Outing have confirmed the event will go ahead on July 3.

The 66th annual Cabbies Day is definitely going ahead according to the Maldon organiser, Neil Foster, after Essex Police previously said the event will be cancelled.

Mr Foster, who also represents sponsors of Cabbies Day, The David Randall Foundation, said: "There are 80 drivers signed on to take part at the moment.

"The day will definitely be happening, but we previously had a problem with how far the police could escort the drivers from.

"The police in the past have always escorted them all the way, but on this occasion they were not able to escort us from the Olympic Park in Stratford all the way to Maldon.

"The drivers will now be escorted by other volunteers and then when they arrive in Maldon, the police will escort them through to the end."

A host of volunteer groups have offered themselves to help the event run as smoothly as possible.

On May 15, Essex Police confirmed the event was cancelled "due to concerns around driver safety".

After the event appeared to be off for the second time in three years last week, a police spokesman said: "We have been in contact with event organisers and offered to meet to discuss their requirements and how Essex Police can support their endeavours, however they have declined the meeting."

Mr Foster was very relieved to confirm the event will definitely be going ahead, with the organisers aiming to add a further 20 drivers to their ranks before they leave Olympic Park in July.

He said: "It is great news, the fact is the event has been going for 60 years, and last year the feedback was absolutely brilliant, it would be absolutely devastating if it were to not go ahead on this occasion.

"We have a lot going on behind the scenes and at the moment we are aiming for 100 drivers.

"When we reach that target, we will be very happy.

"We also are going to have lots of great entertainment on the day, and we are happy to have Plume Academy working with us on this year's event."