I WENT to the recycling centre in Park Drive, Maldon at 7.50am and it was closed, operations only function Monday to Friday during office hours.

I was sorely tempted to just "dump" my load of green waste at the entrance. Despite my frustration, I didn't.

The "office hours" scenario does give me pause for thought on the upsurge in waste dumping, now prolific in back roads etc.

Perhaps Essex County Council's mandarins and their contractors should review their "contribution" to the problem.

Weekend traffic to the dump gets a bit manic and better weekday hours such as 8am to 6pm would reduce the pressure, with folk able to make a speedy "dump visit" then proceed to work.

I shall certainly be looking for improvements when next county council tax rates are proposed for being increased.

Tom Kelly

Midguard Way, Maldon