A "strong approach will be taken towards traveller encampments after a group were quickly removed from Promenade Park.

The community of four caravans arrived in Maldon on Friday afternoon.

The Essex Gypsy, Traveller and Rural Engagement Team were quick to respond after the encampment arrived.

Essex GTRET said the occupants of the four caravans " kept their word", and were swift to move off the site.

Following the removal of the encampment on Sunday, a spokesman said: "The travellers moved off the prom at Maldon and I have got to say they were one of the most polite, cleanest and engaging group of travellers I have had the pleasure to police."

The group left the encampment without a single piece of rubbish on site.

Adrian Fluker, leader of Maldon District Council, said: “Maldon District Council has agreed and adopted a strong approach to dealing with unlawful incursions onto our public open spaces and we will not shy away from immediately using the powers we have available to stop these types of incursions."