In his letter of the May 16, Phil Barlow (Labour) Witham Town Councillor sums up: "It will be interesting to see what changes will transpire in the next few months and years apart from spin, headline chasing and little constructive opposition".

Let's remind ourselves of the facts: 10,711 residents voted for change in the Braintree Council local elections.

We simply cannot put our heads in the sand and pretend this is not a significant number of residents.

The Local Plan is yet to be adopted and while this is not in place our district is subject to speculative developers submitting planning applications and winning them on appeal.

This is a concern to residents, along with the lack of community infrastructure and affordable homes.

The gap in health inequality is growing and this means we do not live in a fair and equal district and this must be addressed urgently.

I have asked, along with the support of the Green Party, to see an increase in the budget of the Braintree Local Highways Panel to help deliver a greater number of highways improvements in the Braintree district.

The residents are asking for more and improved community infrastructure such as improved football clubs, golf clubs and leisure facilities.

Primary Care is in crisis locally and more investment is urgently required to ensure a greater number of GP for our residents.

I am also concerned residents feel disenfranchised, particularly in Braintree and Bocking where there is no town or parish council.

With the Statement of Community Involvement (a supporting document in the Local Plan process) soon to be considered I would advocate the establishment of Local Community Boards to allow residents opportunity to engage, in a very practical way, in the Local Plan process.

I hope Councillor Barlow, or the executive cabinet at Braintree Council, does not see this letter as spin, headline chasing or indeed little opposition.

My letter sums up the feedback from my local doorstep campaign.

I, along with many other Green and Independent councillors, have the experience, knowledge and service in local government to understand that opposition councillors can make a difference.

Jo Beavis

Independent county councillor for Halstead, High Garrett, the Colnes, Gosfield and Greenstead Green and district councillor for the Hedinghams