A council will place "additional surveillance" on a lookout station in Promenade Park, Maldon after continued vandalism.

The Saltmarsh Hub was once again targeted by vandals, leaving just five of its 14 glass panes intact.

Maldon District Council said it was still "frustrated and disappointed" by the incidents that are continuing to happen.

A spokesperson said: “The Community Protection team responded to some concerns over the Bank holiday weekend.

"The most recent damage has been reported to the Police as a crime incident and additional surveillance is being put in place.

"We continue to be as frustrated and disappointed with this problem which diverts resources away from providing valued services and detracts from peoples’ enjoyment of our parks and open spaces.

"We will not continue to replace the glass panelling, however the original designs for the Hub allowed for timber ‘picket’ fencing around the top platform to replace those glass panels if required.

"This should not detract from the intended purpose and visitors’ enjoyment of the views."

If you have any information about these incidents, call 101.