A park lookout station has been vandalised yet again, just weeks after being originally targeted.

The Saltmarsh Hub in Promenade Park, Maldon has been the victim of further vandalism, now leaving the structure with just five out of its original 14 glass panes intact.

The bottom area of the hub had already been destroyed by vandals some time ago, and now residents fear it will not end until the hub is torn down.

Dave Hamilton, from Maldon, said: "Maldon District Council were going to install CCTV, but it is patently obvious this has not happened.

"Nearly all the windows have now been kicked out.

"I just wonder how long it will be before it is destroyed by a pyrotechnic vandal."

The lookout station was a part of the now-stalled Dengie Gateway Project.

The station was part of the plan, launched in 2015, as a way of boosting visitor numbers by up to 50,000 and bringing in £1.8million of revenue.

Maldon District Council had stated previously it had installed CCTV to overlook the lookout station, but that also was vandalised.

In its previous statement, the council were "deeply frustrated" by the continued incidents.

The Standard has contacted the council again following this latest incident.