Attitudes, beliefs and opinions have changed a considerable amount since controversial comedian Roy Chubby Brown first pulled on his trademark chequered suit and flying helmet during the 1980s and started unapologetically shouting expletives and sexist jokes at rowdy crowds during the 1980s.

The British stand-up – born Royston Vasey – has never been one to pander to what he would describe as the easily-offended, nor tinker with his onstage persona.

So it’s unsurprising that even after 30 years, the colourful comic’s relentless and confrontational personality hasn’t wavered, and his performance at the Braintree Arts Theatre this evening will be naughtier than ever and include a bucket load of brand new, derogatory jokes.

Part of his current tour of the UK, the show comes after a brief hiatus from the stage following the tragic death of his son.

Speaking about his return in a recent statement, the 74-year-old said: ‘‘It’s time I got back to doing what I do best, and that is making people laugh.

‘‘I’ve always said that I’ve got the best fans in the world and that’s the honest truth, and you are always there for me no matter what.’’

It’s his dedicated army of ‘Chubbsters’, who look to the blue joke-teller for a sense of escapism and his close-to-the-mark humour, who Roy puts his longevity within the entertainment industry down to. He said: ‘‘My fans understand it’s just a job and we all laugh at things we shouldn’t laugh at, which is why I have lasted so long. You have to accept criticism and we can all find fault with someone.’’

Tickets for tonight’s adults-only show, at 7.30pm, are £24 and available from