I RECORDED footage demonstrating the lack of common sense with Fambridge Road closure.

Four men to man traffic lights that do not change. The lights should change; there is no reason the road cannot be made two-way.

The men told me they are laying sewer pipes. The video shows no work going on.

The sewage pipes should be built on the land the developers have purchased; not public freeways (which are not free - road tax pays for them).

Simple solution: make lights two way.

Better solution: lay your sewer pipes on your own land. But that means a couple of houses could not be built, much better to annoy a whole town than lose a tiny percentage of their profits, eh?

The people of Maldon suffer poor services and infrastructure while housing developers make millions and the influx of new owners stretch the infrastructure to breaking point.

How much money is being paid by developers to Maldon to disrupt the roads? I believe a licence has to be purchased to block a road.

Mundon Road signs states the road will be closed until October. Rome was built in less time.

Does common sense exist or should I emigrate?

Perhaps a farmer would like to open a hedge and great a little bypass; totally legal I think.

Sara Vitric