In response to your article regarding the closure of Fambridge Road, the responsibility of county councillor Kevin Bentley to ensure safety on our roads is a priority but is is planned, managed and executed very poorly.

“Due to funding," I’m sure, the result is the potholed, cracked and overall shameful state of our roads.

The job of the highways department is to ensure our safety, the job of developers is to earn money - and their priority is, of course, far more important than everyone else's.

One would think that simply to better relations with the public and themselves, maybe they would put a hold on the disruption they are causing.

But sadly, no, they don’t care, they just have a programme to work to and not a care for the public inconvenience.

The Fambridge Road works are not an emergency safety priority and simply should have been postponed.

Mr Bentley should resign for his incompetence. Taylor Wimpey should have taken steps to avoid this fiasco.

Jerry Mecoy