A BID to build log cabins at an activity centre could boost visitor numbers at the venue and encourage more people to enjoy the great outdoors.

Plans have been proposed to build 11 log cabins at Danbury Outdoor Centre in Well Lane.

Essex County Council, which owns the centre, had previously spoken with developers Strutt and Parker about plans to put five larger cabins on the site.

The planning application says the development “will give rise to an increase of up to 72 additional visitors”.

It adds: “These cabins will be sited close to the existing group of buildings, including the new amenity block, to provide convenient access for those visiting the centre and to minimise the impact on the wider historic setting.

“There are two different sized cabins proposed at the centre.

“The smaller cabin will provide sleeping accommodation for up to four visitors, and the larger cabin will provide sleeping accommodation for up to eight visitors.

“No toilets or wash basins are proposed within the cabins as these facilities are provided within the new amenity block adjacent.

“Four small and seven large cabins are proposed in total.”

The cabins will all be designed using timber which will help them fit in with the cabins already in place at the centre.

The planning application says the developer believes the plans will be of huge benefit to the community and many different groups across the county.

It says: “Whilst the proposals are modest in scale, the new cabins will form part of a wider group of buildings that are part of a successful recreational facility in Danbury, providing a number of benefits to the local community, health and well-being.

“This includes providing employment opportunities during construction, and upon completion, the new cabins will provide a facility that is part of the established recreational and learning centre widely used by children in Essex and further afield.”

The application is available to view on Essex County Council’s planning portal.

To comment on the proposals, search for reference CC/CHL/23/19.