A DEFIANT daughter whose parents were both devastatingly-affected by the same life-threatening medical condition is hoping to conquer a monumental running event for the charity that supported them.

Jodie Condon, 36, is taking part in this Sunday’s Virgin Money London Marathon, to raise money for the Stroke Association as a way of recognising the fantastic care provided to both her mum and dad after they suffered severe strokes.

Jodie’s father Bob first suffered a stroke back in 2008, losing the use of the entire right side of his body and developing a permanent impairment of language called Aphasia, which critically diminished his ability to communicate.

Once he had returned home, however, the Stroke Association helped Jodie and her family by funding a local support club, which would often lay on trips for her father and other stroke sufferers.

Speaking about the role the Stroke Association played in her dad’s rehabilitation, Jodie, who has already raised more than £3500, said: ‘‘My dad spent three months in a rehabilitation unit and during this time the charity were great in providing us with the help and support that we needed in order to provision the care that was needed for him.

‘‘That's just one of the reasons I want to give back to this charity as I know how much these support clubs mean to stroke survivors, their families and carers.’’

Five years after Jodie’s father's stroke, however, her mum Joan was also hit with the debilitating illness and sadly passed away as a result in January 2013 at the age of 64.

But the earth-shattering heartbreak for Jodie was far from over, as her father also unexpectedly died a few months later aged 65.

Thankfully, Jodie has since turned to running as a form of catharsis and her constant, lengthy outings have greatly helped her to come to terms with their loss and find solace in the death of her parents.

She said: ‘‘For me running really has been my therapy and I know I drive my family and friends mad with my running chat and social media posts and they think I am crazy for pounding the streets in all weathers, but I love it and it's going to get worse with London fast approaching.’’

To sponsor Jodie, visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/jodie-condon1