A VW Beetle, a garden bench and an outboard engine have all been stolen across Maldon District in the last week.

Areas including Althorne, Burnham, Great Totham, Heybridge, Maldon, Mayland, Tillingham, Tollesbury, Wickham Bishops and Woodham have all been impacted by incidents.

This list was compiled from the reports put together by the Maldon District Neighbourhood Watch.

Here's all the incidents, and when they were reported and where they happened at the beginning of April.


April 12, The Street: Suspect unknown has removed a black iPhone 7 from the side in the petrol station.


April 8, Maldon Road: Suspect unknown has stolen by means unknown the victim’s vehicle index M13 UCN from location.

April 9, Falklands Road: Suspect unknown has removed the victims securely parked VW Beetle, index MJU999F, from the victim’s driveway by means unknown.

April 9, The Quay: Suspect unidentified rented a cafe from the victim but disappeared taking a coffee machine belonging to the victim with them.

April 9, Station Road: Suspects unknown cut off the padlock to the clothing bank and removed clothing from within.

April 11, Foundry Lane: Suspect unknown has stolen the padlock of the recycling bank and it is believed that the suspect has stolen an unknown amount of donated clothing from within.


April 9, Maldon Road: Suspects unknown have smashed the rear bifold doors of the victim’s property by unknown means and have removed a drill and a dehumidifier from inside.


April 8, Broad Street: Suspect unknown has driven a white Ford Transit onto the building site and has stolen a pallet with 6 front doors on it.

April 10, Basin Road: Suspect unknown has removed a Suzuki outboard engine from a small boat at Blackwater Sailing Club.

April 8, Colchester Road: Suspect unknown has by means unknown caused damage to the puck lock on a clothes bank.


April 8, Station Road: Suspect unidentified has removed the victim’s purse from her handbag that was hanging on the trolley.

April 9, St Peters Avenue: Suspect unknown has taken victims handbag which victim left unattended at unknown location.

April 11, Cross Road: Suspect unknown caused damage to victim’s front kitchen window believed to be by throwing a stone causing the outer pane of a double glazed window to smash.

April 8, Mons Way: Suspects unknown have tried to gain entry to the property by using a tool on the back door causing scratches to the doors frame and on the rear window causing the glass to break.


April 13, Bramley Way: Suspect unknown has entered victim’s Fiat Ducato by breaking the lock on the sliding door.

Nothing has been removed from the vehicle and no further damage seen.

April 13, Bramley Way: Suspect unknown has used an unknown implement to smash the glass passenger window of a secured white Vauxhall Combo causing damage.

Once inside, suspect unknown has removed tools from the rear of the vehicle.

The vehicle was parked on the roadside at location address.

April 14, Mayland Close: Suspects unknown by means unknown have tried to force the fan light window at the front of the house causing the glass to crack and the window casing was pushed out of place.


April 12, Manor Road: Suspect unknown has attempted to remove a wooden garden bench from the victim’s property.

Suspect has partially unscrewed and ripped away the bench from the iron ground anchors and dragged it across the grass with the intention of loading it onto a vehicle.


April 13, Mell Road: Suspects unknown by means unknown have let down the offside tyre and put superglue in the door lock.


April 8, Post Office Road: Suspect unknown has by unknown means caused damage to doors in the victim’s house.

Entry has been gained and a wallet containing euros and a bank card and pin number has been stolen.

If you have any information about any of these incidents that could support Essex Police in their investigation, please call 101.

Alternatively you can report any information 100 per cent anonymously to the charity Crimestoppers UK by calling 0800 555 111 or online by clicking HERE.