A VET surgery is asking dog walkers to be cautious as a venomous snake may be out and about this season.

Edgewood Veterinary Group has said the European Adder, the only venomous snake native to the UK, is now coming out of hibernation.

They are commonly found on dry sandy heaths, sand dunes, rocky hillsides, moorland and woodland edges.

Vet Jürgen Theinert said: “We’ve seen our first Adder bite case this year.

“Just be aware when walking your dogs especially along sea wall areas - the adders are enjoying the sun as well.

“Snakes generally only bite in self-defence, so normally bites occur when a snake is stepped on or disturbed by your dog.

“Bites are more frequent in the spring and summer when the snakes are more active and can sometimes be spotted basking in the sun.

“Bites most commonly occur on a dog’s legs or face.

“Initial clinical effects usually occur within two hours, with full recovery typically occurring five days after the bite.

“Seek veterinary attention quickly if your dog is bitten.

“Carry your dog rather than allow him to walk to try and reduce the spread of venom around his body.

“Bathe the wound in cold water to help control the swelling and keep your dog quiet and warm as you transport him to the veterinary practice.”

For advice, contact the surgery on 01621 828381.