A march calling for Government action on climate change will pass through Maldon today.

The Earth March will see hundreds of protestors, led by Essex University lecturer Ness Woodcock-Dennis, raising awareness to put pressure on the Government to “declare a climate emergency”.

The group set off from Colchester on Tuesday to walk to London in support of the cause.

Mrs Woodcock-Dennis said: “It’s important that we raise public awareness of the climate crisis, particularly during a time where people are distracted and exasperated by the domination of Brexit in politics and media.

“Climate change and the effect this has on our health and the health of our children is an emergency and should be treated as such by our Government, who have chosen to ignore robust research that urges humans to act immediately to avoid serious threat to life.”

Mrs Woodcock-Dennis started the walk after hearing of a group in Cornwall who walked from Land’s End, bringing the same message to Westminster.

She called on the Government to “tell the public the truth about climate change, create policies for organisations and industry to take responsibility for pollution and address carbon emissions quickly.”