Nature lovers can get a bird’s-eye view of the secret life of barn owls in their natural habitat at a reserve in North Fambridge.

Blue House Farm Nature Reserve has teamed up with Essex Wildlife Trust to bring its round-the-clock live barn owl webcam back.

In its seventh year, the webcam shows a family of barn owls inside a nest box as their young are brought up.

An Essex Wildlife Trust spokesman said: “This spring you can witness the secret world of a breeding pair by following the lives of the couple that has already taken residence inside the nest box.”

The webcam gives an exclusive insight into the lives of the birds, which are rarely seen in the open unless they are hunting for food.

The pair mated in February, and the trust expects the eggs to be laid during mid-April.

The spokesman added: “Once the eggs are laid, the female will remain in the box to incubate her brood while the male goes in search of food for them both.

“The eggs will hatch after around 31 to 32 days of incubation.”

The nest will be viewed across the globe. To see the webcam footage, go to