Mud sharks have been spotted in the near Maldon Yacht Club.

The mud shark is a very rare shark and was understood to now be extinct.

However, sightings have been made in mud off the coast of Portugal but it is now thought with climate change and the excellent quality of mud at Maldon the two sharks spotted will now use Maldon as a breeding ground.

No clear photos have been taken of the sharks as they submerge themselves in mud with only their fin visible.

The shark can travel up to 20mph in the mud and not thought to be dangerous although specialist marksman with tranquillising pellets will be standing by for the forthcoming mud race.

Next Monday an expert on mud sharks, Professor D Orsil who has studied mud sharks from Finland, will be at the Tourist Information.

Look Out near the Yacht Club at 11am and he will answer any questions you may have.

Mervyn Perriman

Guernsey Court, Spital Road

Editor's note: Yes...this is an April Fool. The "fins" are from a wreck and can be seen at low tide. Mr Perriman says you can stand about 20 metres from the yacht club entrance towards the lookout and you will see these "rare creatures".