Knife crime "has become endemic", the council leader says.

Maldon District Councilis encouraging residents to crack down on knife crime as it launched a new knife deposit box outside the council offices in Princes Road.

The new deposit box has been installed after a woman was seriously injured by what Essex Police described as a "sharp object".

The incident took place in Park Road, Burnham last Tuesday morning.

Adrian Fluker, leader of the council raised concerns about the use of knives in Maldon and the rest of the country, calling for residents to rally together against knife crime.

He said: “In some parts of the country the carrying of knives and knife crime has become endemic, it’s important that we all work together to ensure that people do not carry knives.

"People need to understand that carrying a knife in a public place without good reason is a crime and that they will be dealt with by the authorities accordingly."

Emergency services surrounded Park Road after the mysterious incident in Burnham last week.

Four police cars, a rapid response vehicle and an ambulance were spotted at the scene throughout the morning.

The area was cordoned off by police and the woman was treated by paramedics before being taken to hospital.

It still remains unclear what caused her injuries or whether she was attacked.

Mr Fluker advised residents to make use of the deposit box, also urging the community to make the police aware of anyone who could be a threat.

He added: "If you are aware of anyone that is carrying a knife other than for a lawful purpose you should report the facts to the police on 999.

"A knife deposit safe has been placed outside the Council officers.

"I would urge anyone that has a knife in their possession other than for a lawful purpose to deposit it in the safe”

The Standard contacted Essex Police for clarification on how the woman sustained these injuries last Tuesday.

A spokesman said that "enquiries are still ongoing".

Anyone with information is asked to contact Maldon police station on 101 quoting incident number 372 of March 12.