A COUPLE have created their own amazing small space by converting a rusty old horsebox into a fully equipped mobile photographic studio.

Photographers Anna and Adam Prescott, from Southminster, transformed the vintage trailer to build their unique eco-friendly Little Horse Picture Booth.

It claims to be the UK’s first and only 100 per cent renewable energy-powered horsebox photo booth.

The 30-year-old horsebox, named Rosie by its former owner, will run on renewable energy and the carbon footprint created by travel will be offset by a tree-planting scheme in the east of England.

The studio is ingeniously kitted out with hi-tech equipment and even props ranging from bowler hats and wigs to feather boas and flamingos.

It wouldn’t look out of place on Channel 4 show George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.

Adam said: “We wanted to take an existing concept and make it into as green a business that we could.

“From the outset we knew we wanted to reuse as much of the original horsebox as possible, and when needed, care was taken to introduce new items sourced from environmentally-friendly products.”

Anna added: “We are totally off grid, this means she can literally be set up in the middle of a field.

“We don’t need a mains supply, and with our 4x4 towing we can go almost anywhere.”

The box is intended to be used for events such as weddings and parties.

Fitted with a solar panel and 250 kilograms of batteries, the stored power can run all the lighting inside and out for several hours.

The duo have partnered with eco business Carbon Footprint who run the ‘tree buddying’ scheme.

Managing director John Buckley said: “Our UK Tree planting programme plants trees right across the UK.

“As part of this, a company or individual can select the region where the tree is planted.

“In this case, the trees will be planted in the east of England.

“Most of the trees are planted in schools, which is great as the programme helps engage schoolchildren in the environment too.

“The official carbon offsetting is actually carried out by a project in Brazil in the Amazon Rainforest, which is all about protecting the rainforest.

“We use this as it has been independently verified by one of the leading international carbon standards.

“As for the actions the Little Horse Picture Booth is doing, this is really great.

“It shows that even small local businesses can take climate change seriously and do the right thing to assess and offset their emissions.

“We need more companies, big and small, to follow their leadership.”

The official launch is due to take place in Ingatestone on Sunday, March 24.

For details, visit thelittlehorsepicturebooth.co.uk.