A DRIVING instructor has gone from cars to catering to open her new restaurant.

On The Latch is a new eatery which occupies to old Annley House tearooms in Latchingdon.

Owner Tina Likeman, 40, from Mayland instructed many in the area to drive for 19 years.

She’s still giving lessons but, on her 40th birthday, decided to follow her dream of owning her own venue.

Mrs Likeman said: “I saw this place and I fell in love with it.

“I’m a singer so I thought if I get this place, I can use it as a venue for events and now it’s turned into a restaurant.

“Getting things together was really hard. It took me eight months to get the keys and I bought the place in June last year.

“People are quite used to it opening it in the morning, so it’ll be nice to open it in the evenings too.

“The idea behind the name is the old saying of the doors ‘On the Latch’ - meaning everyone is welcome at any time.

“The first day on Tuesday was great. We had 150 people turn out including close family and friends.

“There was a lot of positive feedback so we have been really lucky.

“We have lots of plans like Sunday roasts and hopefully I can open a beauty boutique.

“I have so many plans for this place, it’s mental.”

For details, email onthelatchdining@yahoo.com or call 01621 740911.