THE Tory government is in disarray over Brexit, while the Labour opposition is split and divided over anti-semitism.

The nation is crying out for strong leadership.

Where are the Churchills, Thatchers or Gaitskells and Callaghans, depending on your political leanings?

The country flounders in uncertainty, ripe for those hungry for power to grab it at any cost.

Legend has it, Drake’s ghostly drum beats a call to arms when England is in danger.

I believe some swear to have heard its ominous tattoo just prior to the onset of both world wars.

I would imagine if Jeremy Corbyn and his cabal of hard left Corbynistas were ever to be on the threshold of government, our coastline from Plymouth Hoe around the nation would resound to an eerie 40-beat drum roll.

Alex Jennings

Fernlea Road, Burnham