Maldon District Council’s £180,000 in service cuts could be hugely damaging to vulnerable residents.

It is understandable the council has a large deficit to make up, and a reduction in services such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, closing two Tourist Information Centres and reducing economic development support could leave many people living in and visiting the district high and dry.

The citizens advice cut represents a saving of £11,000 to the council, however, that cut could see hundreds or even thousands of people unable to gain advice from the team that has supported so many for years.

The service has already gone three years without a rise in funding and now it may have to cut a number of services in order to keep going.

Tourist information is not just an inconvenience to visitors.

Businesses across Maldon and attractions throughout the area will suffer as a result of these cuts.

It is clear £1.5 million is a large deficit and it could create great difficulties for our community.