THE story of a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas raised thousands of pounds for charity.

The Dengie Amateur Music Group put on their 35th annual show with their take on Sinbad the Sailor.

Show member Sue Lucas said: “We’ve had a good show with nearly full houses which means we will be able to give away about £2,000 to charity.

“Each of the four audiences enjoyed the performances by the cast who are aged from eleven to more than 70.

“They particularly liked the local and topical jokes, and the costumes and songs were very well received.

“A good example of the scenery built on the smallish stage of Dengie Village Hall was the ship made by stage manager Andy Sadler and decorated by Sue Spiers and members of the Burnham Art Club.

“Production was by Lisa Barker and Tony Kavanagh and I was at the piano with extra sounds.

“This is the second time we have used a script by Alan P Frayn by arrangement with Stage Right Creative and we have been very impressed with it.”

Sue has been working with the group since it started, and this show was her 35th appearance.