THE MP for Maldon remains unconvinced about Theresa May’s Brexit deal following a visit to Brussels.

John Whittingdale joined a host of opposition MPs as they met with Secretary General of the European Commission Martin Selmayr in Brussels to discuss alternatives to the current Brexit deal.

Mr Whittingdale said he returned “none-the-wiser” as to how to improve the terms of the deal the UK will leave the EU with.

He said: “It was a very interesting conversation. We met the critical person on the negotiations with our representatives.

“I wanted to find out in greater detail the position of the European Commission, the possibility of making changes to the political agreement and declarations that could help parliament to support the deal and to help me support it.”

The cross-party group of 14 MPs, known as the Exiting the European Union Committee, included chairman Hilary Benn, Peter Bone and well-known Brexiteer Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, who was this week the subject of a satirical Brexit-themed parody of Pulp’s hit Common People.

Mr Rees-Mogg himself described the parody as a “clever spoof”. Mr Whittingdale has been clear in recent months he is not confident in the Brexit deal that has been tabled.

Despite that, he strongly backed Theresa May to remain as Prime Minister in January’s confidence vote.

Mr Whittingdale however felt he was not enlightened by the talks that took place, as the group that attended was made up of six different political parties with different views about the deal.

Speaking about his talks with Mr Selmayr, he said: “I’m not sure the meeting necessarily helped because in Europe most countries operate under big coalitions to achieve a common position. “They expect that in Britain too, but the fact is we had a delegation with wide-ranging views.

“If they thought by listening to a delegation of MPs like this they would receive a single view they would be very disappointed. That is just unrealistic.”