PARISH councillors have voiced their concerns that speeding cars near a school are putting residents and children in danger.

Bradwell Parish Council has asked their residents for written public support to get speed-calming measures installed in East End Road, in the village.

Concerned councillors hope new speed bumps will help to put an end to the problem.

The 30mph road also contains St Cedd’s Primary School, putting pupils in danger of cars which are breaking the limit.

Parish council chairman Samantha Richardson said: “The issue of speeding vehicles in the 30mph limit on East End Road, and especially in front of the school, is of grave concern to the parish council.

“In recent months, we have had a nasty accident directly outside the school and it was only by good fortune that no one was severely injured.

“Several members of the council live directly on East End Road themselves, and have direct experience of cars taking the bends too fast and narrowly missing their houses and families.

“We have been canvassing opinion unofficially in the village, and the general consensus supports our preferred option of speed bumps throughout the 30 mph limit in the village, but especially in front of the school and in the centre of the village.

“It is felt that this solution will slow vehicles down while requiring minimal enforcement in these times of police austerity.

“I would encourage all residents to write directly to the parish council outlining their concern regarding the current situation and supporting a scheme such as speed bumps.

“Once we have sufficient written public support, we can apply to the highways department at Essex County Council to try and get this worrying situation resolved.”

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