A MALDON woman travelled across to America to visit her town’s namesake during the festive period.

Maldon Society chairman Judith Lea went on a visit to Malden in the state of Massachusetts.

Judith said: “We had an astonishing red carpet welcome from the City of Malden when we visited my nephew there for Thanksgiving week.

“Perhaps because of my connection with the Maldon Society we were not only welcomed by mayor Gary Christenson in his office, we were also given personal guided tours of the rapidly changing Malden city centre and their historic library and archives by heads of staff.

“The strength of warm feelings towards Maldon was clearly evident.

“We were also given a copy of the book From Maldon to Malden written in 2013, and a copy of the first Declaration of Independence.

“All this happened on the first day of our visit while my nephew was at work in the English language school he directs and his wife was at the Boston Symphony Orchestra where she looks after the artists.

“When we met them later at their child’s nursery and were asked, ‘What did you find to do today?’ they were amazed.

“Later in the week they too were able to meet the mayor and Senator Ed Markey at the Christmas tree-lighting outside the library.

“By the end of the week we were delighted my family certainly knew a lot more about their own present community, and also its connection with ours.”

Malden was named by landowner Joseph Hills, who arrived there from Maldon in 1638.