A PRE-SCHOOL has passed its first Ofsted report with flying colours.

Treetops Pre-School, in Dunkirk Road, Burnham, received a ‘good’ rating from the schools watchdog in its first report since registering in 2016.

Inspector Hayley Ruane highlighted the positives the school has found in allowing the children time outside to play and carry out short group activities to help learning.

Mrs Ruane said: “Children enjoy spending time with staff.

“They are keen to join them at the good range of resources offered when they arrive.

“Staff help children to develop their mathematical skills.”

Staff also gave children the chance to talk about their interests and were good at ensuring youngsters’ welfare was maintained.

The report said: “Staff encourage children to be independent.

“Children have a strong sense of belonging in the preschool.

“Staff display pictures of children’s family members.

“This encourages children to talk about the lives of people who are familiar to them.”

The report said the pre-school, which is based on the grounds of Burnham Primary School, ensures the children “make good progress” in their learning.

Staff are even trained in sign language to make sure children who suffer from hearing difficulties can communicate with them.

The report said children are helped by the support of the staff, who are “vigilant” in ensuring the children are kept safe and aware of the steps to take if they have concerns about children’s welfare.