A BUSINESSMAN’S campaign has seen him deliver another 70 hampers to the “unsung heroes” of the NHS.

Maldon Secret Hamper founder Nigel Richardson visited Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) with by the city mayor to donate 70 hampers to staff.

The hospital was the first outside of Essex that Mr Richardson has taken his hampers to.

It is part of his NHS70 campaign, which will see him donate 70 hampers each to 70 hospitals across the country.

Mr Richardson said: “After the success of our delivery back in the summer we knew that we had to replicate this to a total of 70 hospitals around the UK.

“It was never going to be easy – we’re relatively well known in Essex but not necessarily around the UK.

“Fortunately we are in a few different business networking groups and word soon got out.

“We soon had 15 potential hospitals lined up, one of which was Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary.”

At the hospital, Mr Richardson was greeted by four-year-old Noah Wall, who has been described as a “miracle child”.

Noah was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus, but most seriously with just 2 per cent of his brain.

He was given very little chance of survival but over time his brain has continued to grow and is now 80 per cent the size of a normal brain.

Mr Richardson has known Noah for around 18 months after a fundraising event for him at Newcastle United’s St James’ Park stadium.

He has since been in regular contact with Noah and mum Shelly.

He said: “When I mentioned our NHS70 initiative to Shelly she thought that it was great.

“She mentioned Noah had been revisiting the RVI, where he was born, for the last couple of Christmases, giving out gifts to the children on the ward where he was cared for.”

Mr Richardson described meeting Noah as an “emotional and humbling experience”.

He said: “Noah was a cute and very clever little guy.”

Thousands of essentials and food items were delivered to the staff at the RVI.

The hospital is one of dozens to receive hampers over the coming months.